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Jayson Musson: Ben Kingsley as

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Jayson Musson: Ben Kingsley as
Artist, rapper, and general ne'er-do-well Jayson Musson is back with his second project for Social Malpractice Publishing. In this new volume, "Ben Kingsley as," Musson proposes dozens of imagined scenarios in which racial-chameleon/actor Ben Kingsley transforms himself effortlessly into everything imaginable. Black Twitter? Ben Kingsley can do Black Twitter. Anal sex? Yep. The black obelisk from "2001: A Space Odyssey?" You already know the answer.

Released in a very limited first edition of 200 signed and numbered copies, "Ben Kingsley as" makes a perfect gift for family members who don't understand why entirely white casts in Biblical-era films is even remotely problematic.

Customers in the United States:
Order by midnight, Wednesday, December 16th for arrival before Christmas. Sorry, international folks. We can't guarantee that your postal customs department is going to let this through in time for the holidays. But we'll fucking try.