New collage works by Michael Welsh (NY) | Foreword by Daniel J. Glendening (PDX)

Limited Edition of 100 
36 pages, laser printed black and white, 32lb paper, staple-bound

Featuring a foreword, "The Last Highway," by Daniel J. Glendening

New York-based interdisciplinary visual artist Michael Welsh returns with his second book for Social Malpractice Publishing, HISTORIC NATIONAL MONUMENT PRESERVATION SOCIETY. This collection of collages features chopped and screwed images of some of America's most famous landscape tropes, resulting in a surreal venture through the West documented from myriad perspectives. Featuring an original poetic essay, "The Last Highway" by Portland-based artist Daniel J. Glendening, this collaborative work questions contemporary romanticism for the America of yore.

Printed in a limited hand-numbered edition of 100 at Social Malpractice Publishing. A small promotional run of 40 photocopied samples were also released in conjunction with an exhibition at Extra Extra in Philadelphia featuring new visual works by Welsh and Glendening.