Social Malpractice Publishing does not accept submissions or proposals for projects. 

Social Malpractice Publishing is based in Brooklyn, NY and was founded in 2009 in Portland, OR by artist Sean J Patrick Carney. Since 2015, SMP productions have been designed and edited by Claire Mirocha. SMP independently publishes artist books that are released through exhibitions, the artists themselves, and a select network of art-focused book stores in the United States. SMP has been consistently featured on Printed Matter, Inc's bestseller lists through their shop in New York City and has exhibited at the NY Art Book Fair, the LA Art Book Fair, Publication Fair PDX, and AFROpunk, amongst others.

Sean J Patrick Carney (b. 1982, Michigan) is a concrete comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a member of Bruce High Quality Foundation University. His works and performances have been exhibited at multiple institutions including the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA Los Angeles; the Banff Centre, Canada; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago; Printed Matter, Inc, New York; and the 2009 Amsterdam Biennale. Carney's writings have appeared in VICE, Art in America, and numerous other publications online and in-print.